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Fairy Tale pt1 of ?
Dedicated to Angela Nguyen who needs to believe in fairy tales.

     Their once was a peaceful and prosperous kingdom, ruled by a wise and kind king and queen. They had had three sons and four daughters and they wanted each to grow up to be good and virtuous people, so they named them after virtues. The sons where Diligence, Temperance, and Modesty. The daughters where Faith, Hope, Charity and the youngest of all Thoughtfulness. It's rumored that the King and Queen where quite out of ideas for names when she came, others say that they where going to name her Chastity which is a more normal name but decided that naming your daughter Chastity was just asking for trouble. But no honest people should listen to rumors anyway and since young Thought was simply the most beautiful child, no one paid these gossips much mind.
     In fact she was not only the most beautiful child but she grew up to be the most beautiful woman in all the land; a fact that Thought considered to be rather troublesome and would gladly have preferred to be the second most beautiful woman in the kingdom, but such was not her fate. As she reached marriageable age princes and heroes came from far and near to win her hand. They offered great riches, undertook fantastic quests to prove their love and composed sonnets to her beauty; comparing her eyes to the stars, and her smile to the sunrise, and saying that she was more charming than the Queen of Fairy herself. Thought considered all of their cases, and put (pardon the pun) a lot of thought into the matter but had not made up her mind.
     Unfortunate as she was deliberating the Queen of Fairy herself heard about all this going on and was decidedly unhappy with a some mortal girl being called her better. So she sent word that if Thoughtfulness was as beautiful as is said than she must marry the Fairy Queens oldest son. If she wont marry him, the Queen of Fairy proclaimed than she would curse the kingdom so that no rain would fall and no crops would grow.
     To be given an ultimatum of who you should marry is a terrible thing but even worse the eldest son of Fairy was not some elven prince but a terrible dragon who lived in the far northern ocean and ate any one who foolishly approached. So powerful and uncontrollable was he that even the other fey feared him and would not let him into the land of Fairy.
     But what else could be done? The Fairy Queens magic was powerful and she could command weather, crops, and animals and she had no love for mortals and would show no mercy if her demand was not met. So with heavy heart the kingdom complied and by the end of the month innocent Thought was to meet her groom and her fate.
     They arranged a great ceremony; part wedding and part funeral. They dressed Thoughtfulness in a long black wedding dress that sparkled with inlaid Onyx, a silk veil as dark as night and they took her to a carriage of the finest oak pulled by three black mares. The procession lead from the capital far far to the cold north where there stood a small rocky island, little more than a boulder jutting out of the frigid sea to the grey sky above. The entire length of that month long journey the roads where lined with mourners, peasants and nobles wept side by side for she was the darling of the kingdom. Among the procession of friends and family could be seen many a dwarf, minotaur or other magical creature that she knew from her childhood playing in the woods. The Wild Huntsman who was a man part stag and part wolf and could track anything over land, water or air now dumbly followed the wagon tracks. Even a brigade of the Fairy Queens greatest knights the Light Lancers left their post to show their respects and condolences for there monarchs cruelty, the light off their silver armor could be seen for miles like stars twinkling among the sea of mourners in black. But not even they where bold enough to stop what had to be.
     When they reached the Dragons shore the King her father escorted Thought out by row boat to the sea rocks the Dragon was know to frequent and after many tearful words between them he left her and she waited for her groom till she fell asleep crying alone.

part 2


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