perl homework turned fun
i had to make my own calendar file to manipulate in class and am rather proud of the schedule I wrote up

1/1/00 Have master plan foiled again
1/4/00 Trial
1/9/00 transfer to maximum security prison
5/12/00 escape
6/4/00 henchmen day
7/2/00 formulate new master plan to conquer the world
9/4/00 steal ancient artifacts for dooms day device
9/14/00 ignore Yom Kippur: nothing to atone for, my actions are justified!
10/16/00 steal particle accelerator
10/23/00 steal neutron band focus array
12/22/00 Hanukkah begins
12/25/00 send heroes deadly Christmas present that shall eliminate them once and for all
1/1/01 conquer world
1/1/01 have world leaders kneel before me
1/1/01 imprison everyone who always said i would never amount to anything
1/1/01 make "Three Dog Night" reunite
1/23/01 conquer moon
3/27/01 launch preemptive attack on mars and Saturn
4/9/01 accept mars and Saturns surrender
6/4/01 henchmen day
8/12/01 push last remaining rebels out past the Kuiper belt and claim dominion over the solar system
12/10/01 Hanukkah
2/5/02 find cure for death
6/4/02 henchmen day
5/8/03 transcend all other mortal limits
11/30/03 Hanukkah

I bought a goat!
Spent all yesterday running up and down panhandle park in sf doing india themed contests for my friends b-day party. Then after that everyone at the games did a bollywood dance routine. My legs where so sore. The whole thing was to raise money for goats in india.

then ice skating which is not like riding a bicycle, it does not come right back to you.

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havent slept in 24 hours which really puts me in a writing mood, I was for awhile even falling in and out of sleep but still typing. I wrote about a 1000 on my memoir before running out of ideas and starting a new book. A romance novel...
  • 2000 words of that done in two hours I'm really into this.
  • I am absolutely amazed how versatility the word heaving is.
  • I really should read some romance novels to get a feel for there genre and feel can anyone recommend or loan me some in a hurry?
  • Chapter two and I already had to edit out a ethnic slur about welshmen, I am really getting into this!

Fun nights
Belly Dancing and fancy food and friends what could be any better... hmmmm I need to make my friends learn to cook and belly dance!

Then drinking, I am rather getting bored with drinking but it was her 21st so I felt obligated to encourage out right inebriation.

Then I read Darkly Dreaming Dexter. Just watch the show, its way better than this book.

Thoughts on Nanowrimo
It has a well chosen target of 50k words. 1666/day is about where my mind stops working, at least for the first couple days. But then I just don't know what to write, I think that my main problem is that I'm writing a memoir and I just dont know how to fill a chapter on one facet of homeless life. This may just be an excuse for writers block though.

Added to that my sleep schedule is coming to a head, I stayed up 25 hours which hopefully will push me forward to a normal bed time again.

Sleep deprivation does not help writing. Neither does alcohol it seems. It's like everything I have ever been told about artists is a lie!

I have found the biggest problem in my writing is finishing long stories. The mere fact that I should write a particular thing, should finish drains the interest and creativity out of me.

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Is trying to understand what makes a system tend towards Bureaucracy. I am looking at how hackerdojo is forming up and there is a whole lot of people wanting to add documentation, paper work, transparency, and oversight to things that really shouldn't need it (like logging the email of every single person who comes to hang out) but from what I hear from in charge types we have been piss poor and dealing with paperwork that really should be done. very perplexing...

net neutrality
I dont understand the net nutrality issue. Basically it says we don't want corporations to regulate the internet so we will make the government do it instead. Despite the fact that there has never been a problem with this before and it would likely be suicide for an ISP to try we still think the internet will stay exactly as it is today when controlled by a government bureaucracy.

The second part that confuses me is that it is supported by the republicans O_o. Since when where they about letting big brother keep the corporations down?

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its weird that the topic of the homeless or homelessness come up at the dojo almost everyday. I am silent and >.> on the subject.

(no subject)
I decided to write a memoir about being homeless for NaNoWriMo.

repost from exceptindreams
Eavan Boland

In the worst hour of the worst season
of the worst year of a whole people
a man set out from the workhouse with his wife.
He was walking – they were both walking – north.

She was sick with famine fever and could not keep up.
He lifted her and put her on his back.
He walked like that west and west and north.
Until at nightfall under freezing stars they arrived.

In the morning they were both found dead.
Of cold. Of hunger. Of the toxins of a whole history.
But her feet were held against his breastbone.
The last heat of his flesh was his last gift to her.

Let no love poem ever come to this threshold.
There is no place here for the inexact
praise of the easy graces and sensuality of the body.
There is only time for this merciless inventory:

Their death together in the winter of 1847.
Also what they suffered. How they lived.
And what there is between a man and woman.
And in which darkness it can best be proved.


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