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The Petitioner in the Court of Mani Moordhai(part 1)
Mani-Moordhai sat in uffish thought upon his throne of primordial adamantite, for no other material would bear the weight of his contemplations. For his throne to stand upon he fashioned a world, drawing together countless stones from the distant reaches of the Vast Stillness till there was enough piled together to call a realm, and so this world was first called the Throne Room of Mani-Moordhai.

The Throne Room of Mani-Moordhai was first a barren and rocky world scoured clean by the distant pondering gaze of it's god, but seeds floating free through the Vast Stillness found there way to the nooks and crannies of the Throne Room of Mani-Moordhai. By the time that thought-filled god first shifted his weight to a more comfortable position his world was in full bloom and rife with vegetation. Soon animals came to eat of the vegetation and more came to eat of them till by the second great movement of Mani-Moordhai (the raising of his great to hand to stroke the beard grown by his long meditations) the world was populated with all manner of beast, bird, fish and other stranger creatures. By the third great movement (the lowering of his hand back down to its rest) smoke could be seen upon Mani-Moordhai's domain; tribes and villages had started to spring up.

(((I'm reading Dunsany can't you tell)))
(((This seems very brief to me)))


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