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Fairy Tale pt3.2
for new readers the story starts here

      Thought looked over the piles of grain. A hundred princesses couldn't sort all of this in a thousand nights! She searched around for some trick, some magic fairy lever they would use to do it for them and finding nothing she sat down on the grain. She leaned forward and picked up a single alfalfa seed and through it over to one corner and reached down for another. The second one, a wheat seed had an ant on it. She looked down more carefully and saw thousands of ants marching along hidden by the grain. She quickly leap to her feet and stood away from the swarm then looked back at the lone ant in her hand that stood atop the seed and addressed her.

      “Don't you worry none ma'am,” it said so softly Thought had to strain to hear it, “theres lot o us dont care to much for the Queen and the way she treats no one and all so we figured we would lend you a hand here. We oughta have this place squared away right quick if'n you'd lend a hand.” Thought put the ant down gently on the ground. “Why certainly uh, sir um.. ant uh, what can I do?”

      “Why just get the wheel barrel over in the supply closet over their.”

      And so all night long Princesses Thoughtfulness worked with the ants and organized the whole room. When the Queen arrived the next day to her credit she did not show surprise, but in a carefully controlled voice said, “hmm, very well then lets go to your next trial,” but her retinue of servants, advisers and fawning nobles where visibly surprised and shaken when they saw the neat stacks that filled the room.

      As they walked through through the woods no one would meet her gaze. They had heard that she miraculously did the impossible deed the Queen gave her and they treated her with fear as if she where a dangerous animal or evil witch, they treated her with the same respect they showed the Queen.

      They came to the edge of the woods, to fields as green as dreams and twice as idyllic. In the distance a herd of horses larger and more robust than any she had ever seen where grazing. Even at a great distance she was intimidated by their might and enraptured by their beauty. They where each white, whiter than bleached parchment. Just watching them was like seeing spots after staring at the sun, they moved and frolicked together so that it was impossible to keep track of one. And from the forehead of each one was a single horn that she swore glowed like a lamp.

      “This is my unicorn herd. Not only are they nice to look at but if you get closer you will see they have the most delicate and beautiful hair.” The queen said gesturing at the open field. “Sadly their handler died tragically and no one else is around to collect the hair. For your next test you have to make me a shawl of unicorn hair. Take your time, I'm sure with your clumsy and fat mortal fingers sewing will take some practice. My servant here will show you to a room where you can sleep and work.”

      “Thank you Queen,” Thought said coldly, “I think I shall inspect these lodgings, lead the way.” and with that she turned and left the servant running to keep ahead.

      They arrived at a small room with a bed, and a worktable next to a spinning wheel and cabinet presumably full of sewing supplies. “Thank you,” she said to the servant, “you may go now.”

      “Begging your pardon uh, Princess.” The servant said, “but er, I just thought it would be good to tell you. The unicorns ya'see, well they they're killers m'lady. The Queen wants yah to go get impaled on their horns she does. The handler was the only one in all the kingdom they ever let come close and one day they up and got bored with 'im and now 'es dead too. Just uh, figured you should be told first, good day.” and with that the servant ducked out the door.


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